How do black women feel about interracial romance novels?

Are IR writers doing something taboo, or are we just telling a different kind of love story?


Have readers become less prude?

But I’ve noticed a shift. I’ve dared, pushed the enveloped a little, and in the meantime I’ve gotten to know my readers. Y’all don’t mind a little dick in your romance (LOL) and I love you for it.

Where we first met Dez…

Our first time meeting the infamous Dez. For those of you who don’t know, Book 2 of Angels and Assassins will be about one of Gage’s group mates, Dez. I’ve got another excerpt, the prologue, of Book 2 coming for you guys very soon.

The Leading Ladies of Lit

Are we being too hard on our female main characters? As a woman, do you feel the pressure to be strong…all the time?


Happy Valentine’s Day! Dez wanted to say hello. Here’s an excerpt from the beginning of Angels and Assassins Book Two: Dez.

Suggested reading order of my books

Since I’ve been getting this question a lot, here it is: The Game of Love The Game of Love 2 A Very Special Christmas Fated Angels and Assassins A Fighting Chance The Woman He Wanted

I am speechless.

I’m writing this on January 10th. The Woman He Wanted came out December 28th. It has 91 reviews. NINETY-ONE. I can’t say it enough…THANK YOU! I was so nervous about this book because it was so different.  Wow. You all are my motivation. ❤️

Women Inspiring Women…

Have you ever met a woman who’s so good at what she does, you want to give the opportunity she gave you, to others? I’ll keep this short because I plan to make post about why Jessica Watkins is the G.O.A.T, and she knows some of how she changed my life, but I like to…

New Years Resolutions?

I don’t know if you can consider these resolutions because I have a running list, but here are some things I’m striving for in 2017. I’d love to hear yours as well: Save enough to have 30% down payment for a home. A new job. I’ve been having problems with a supervisor telling lies about…

What’s New?

First off: Happy New Year! So, I don’t know how many of you already know this, but ya girl is also an editor. I edited academic papers in graduate school and while that was fine, I prefer creative writing. I also edit for my publisher and have received a few thank you emails/messages from those…